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Paula Thake 
Marine Biologist

Paula studied Biology and Environmental Sciences in Vienna. After working in several scientific projects and ecotourism institutions in Austria, Malta, Turkey, Croatia and the Maldives, she came to Madeira to work as a whale-watching guide in the summer of 2017. With her sociable and friendly personality, she guides our whale watching and snorkeling trips. She speaks English and German fluently along with some French and Portuguese. Her scientific background and interest in sustainable practice prompt her to do so much more in the background.

Apart from being responsible for the transfer of Lobosonda’s data to scientists, Paula also is our WCA correspondent and coordinates the Whale Heritage Area Initiative for Madeira. She also organises educational and awareness events, such as beach cleanups and school presentations.

She chose to work with Lobosonda because she wanted to work with cetaceans in the field and admires the company’s conscious and educational approach to whale watching. What she enjoys most about her job is the possibility to learn new things from her experiences out on the ocean every single day and the freedom to pursue projects that help drive ocean conservation.

What she enjoys most about her job is the possibility to learn new things from her experiences every single day, from details about the animals` biology up to interactions with them in the water or from the boat.

Paula considers her encounters with cetaceans in their natural habitat as an absolute honour and finds it truly fulfilling to see guests happy after a tour, particularly children.

The Atlantic spotted dolphin has become one of her favourite marine mammals since she often encounters the species underwater and is fascinated by its curious nature and loves its charismatic behaviour.

She can’t help but smile when she has a sighting involving these animals and can relate to their curious, fearless behaviour.