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Marlene Cabral 
Office Administrative

Marlene spent more than six years of her life in England but was eventually drawn back to her beloved home island, Madeira.

As an experienced receptionist she brings knowledge and know-how to the blue office and makes our guests feel right at home with her big heart.

Marlene decided to join the crew because of her love for the sea and fully enjoys gaining new knowledge and information on cetaceans at the heart of the company.

Lobosonda`s aim to actively contribute to the awareness and protection of marine life makes being part of the team something special for her.

Marlene loves pilot whales because of their beauty and the graceful way they swim through the sea. For her, observing them gives her comfort and magical moments of relaxation.

As a very protective and loving person, it makes her sad and angry to see them slaughtered senselessly in the Faroe Islands and in Taiji and she strongly believes that they should swim wild and free in the big blue.

Marlene’s wish is that the mass killings of these animals will stop for good and that the people responsible will realize that they should participate in the protection of our oceans and end this massacre.