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a girl posing for a photo

Marion Loch
Booking & Reservations

Marion moved to Madeira in 2003 and has lived here ever since. In her first years on the island she worked as an Assistant Manager in a small hotel and it was during this time where she discovered her passion for pottery. In 2009 her hobby became a profession and since then she works as a freelance potter.

In addition to her work in pottery and with the possibility to work from home, Marion decided to join Lobosonda in 2011. The crucial factor for her decision were her nice, engaged colleagues who put all their love and respect for nature into their work and also share this fascination for the ocean and its inhabitants with her.

Marion is the first contact our guests get for phone bookings and she receives them in a very efficient, accommodating and friendly way. She also takes care of our bookings via e-mail.

For her the most pleasurable thing at work is when guests show the same respect and admiration for nature that she possesses and report the unforgettable, touching experience Lobosonda was able to provide for them to her.

Marion’s favorite cetacean is the peaceful, majestic Sperm whale – but, of course, she loves all of them!