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Joana Gomes 

Joana began working for her parents company in 2015 on a part-time basis and, as she got to know more about the world of whale-watching, she started to enjoy it more and more.

She started managing the company in 2017 after her parents decided to remain more in the background, supporting her whenever it was required. Joana’s creativity and thirst for knowledge are qualities that make her an innovative leader, constantly drawing up new concepts and ideas for Lobosonda.

Running the company has granted her a better understanding of leadership and strategy and working in this field has additionally awoken her eagerness to learn more and educate herself. 

What she loves most about her job is managing the marketing and the design department. She loves to create new and attractive things that portray the company in the most realistic way possible, so that our guests know what to expect from Lobosonda.

She loves working on advertisements, new ideas, new products and projects. In this day and age, everything changes so fast so it is very important to keep up! Joana is aware of this and is focused on adapting the company to possible changes while maintaining its core concept and philosophy. 

Managing the company keeps Joana focused on bureaucratic work in the office most of the time but she loves to get out on the ocean, whenever she has the chance. 

She is absolutely fascinated by her favorite marine mammals, the Sperm whales, and admires their capability to dive deep into the darkness of the ocean.