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a woman wearing a hat and smiling at the camera

Fatima Kutschbach 
Whale watching Guide

Fatima has worked in the field of whale-watching since 2005, conducting observations with marine mammals in the Canary Islands, the Azores, New Zealand, Baja California and the Dominican Republic. Her professional background is in Ecological Education training.

In 2012 she moved to Madeira and has been working as a guide for Lobosonda ever since and, with her heartfelt and considerate approach, she always keeps a good eye on our guests, She loves to share her many years of knowledge and manifold experience as well as her passion to advocate for the protection of cetaceans and the ocean with our guests.

For Fatima, a soft and respectful approach during an encounter with cetaceans always comes first, so it was an easy decision for her to work with Lobosonda since the company´s philosophy met her exact expectations.

For Fatima the chance of working with small, individual groups of guests out on the ocean allows her to bring this beautiful blue world closer to others in a more personal way. She sees the opportunity of sharing her enthusiasm for these wonderful animals and the diversity of these ocean inhabitants with our guests as pure luxury and a truly good gift. To stand up for the protection of these animals and to create a win-win situation gives a deeper meaning to her work. Even after all these years it is still always new, exciting and touching to get a glimpse of the rich world of whales and dolphins.

One of the her favourite parts of a sighting is existing in the now, enjoying the intensity of the moment and what could be more fulfilling than sharing this touching experience with our guests! To admire the beauty of nature and share the passion for our oceans; for Fatima there is nothing better! Photography allows her to capture these special encounters with whales and dolphins and she hopes that her beautiful photos will bring back memories to our guests later on.

Fatima loves all marine mammals but the Atlantic Spotted dolphins are her absolute favorites. These lively, interactive dolphins inspire her every single time and simply make her happy!