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Daniel Jardim 
Skipper and Guide

Daniel has been working as a skipper and guide for Lobosonda since 2013 and always tends to our guests with a friendly smile and a substantial amount of knowledge. He is fluent in Portuguese, English and German and also speaks French and Spanish.

After finishing university, he felt eager to work in eco-tourism and for institutions that have the concept of sustainability and respect for the environment integrated in their working philosophy.

After graduating, he worked for several different companies to gain a better understanding of the job market before discovering Lobosonda which seemed like the perfect company to work in regarding whale watching.

Since he can remember, the sea was always the environment where Daniel felt most comfortable. Whether below or above the water`s surface, for work or for leisure, being near the sea is where he feels best.

Working at Lobosonda gives him the possibility to be out in the blue, learning more everyday and passing the experience he accumulated over the years to others.

Since Madeira is located in a sub-tropical region and has a large variety of species throughout the year, Daniel finds it rather difficult to choose a specific favorite marine mammal. This is what makes working in whale watching so much fun for him! However, after observing and learning more about Sperm whales over the years, he has become intrigued with their place in the ocean.

He is fascinated by the deep blue where they hunt, their biology, their life cycle, social structure, language and their “culture”, a concept that until recently was only considered a human feature. More and more research is being done on these sophisticated animals and he believes that there is much more to discover and learn.