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Dalene Holder
Front Desk

I spent most if my life in South Africa, 51 years to be exact and in 2019 I returned to my birth place Madeira.
Coming from South Africa where I have experience in various fields, secretarial, receptionist, debt controlling, and running a workshop where services are done to vehicles and trucks.
Loving sport I played football for a ladies football team and later became president of the football club and managed it for 10 years and having 32 teams under my wing to manage.

In August/September 2021 I worked at Lobosonda on a temporary basis and in May 2023 I was asked to join the team again and I jumped at the opportunity.
I chose to work at Lobosonda because I love meeting new people and am always happy to see happy customers returning from our trips. Also, because they are professional, knowledgeable and take the clients safety to heart and are a responsible Dolphin and Whale watching company and is the only company in Madeira to have received the certificate from the World Cetacean Alliance.

I believe the ocean is a place that connects me and many others to animals that we love. Therefore, I don’t have a favorite cetacean as I love them all!

Dalene is a fierce woman. She will do anything in her power to defend and protect the defenceless. If you want something done, she’s the one!