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Claudia Gomes
Co-founder & Whale watching Guide

In 1993, when their children were old enough to go to school, Claudia and Rafael decided to move to the sunny homeland of her husband. Moving to Madeira was a conscious decision, exchanging money and safety for sun and a good quality life.

In 2013 Claudia and Rafael founded Lobosonda. For Claudia it was of high importance to work and do something meaningful that would make this world a better place whilst earning a living.

Being an all-rounder, Claudia was just the right person to work as a freelancer. Her open, sincere and cheerful nature was strengthened by her pragmatism and competence to tackle all issues surrounding the company. She took care of bookings, worked as a guide, wrote blogs, edited photos and organised the company’s.

Claudia always enjoyed working directly with people from all walks of life, especially with kids. She relished making people happy and giving them something special on their way, which potentially may positively influence the way they treat our oceans.

Nowadays, Claudia keeps more in the background. She supports her daughter, Joana, the company´s new manager, in her decisions and takes care of the finances. Despite enjoying the ample time she now has for friends, family and herself, Claudia still feels very connected to Lobosonda and her happy memories out on the ocean.

Once in a while guests still have the pleasure to enjoy her kind spirit, her laughter and her expertise on board whenever she needs to come and work as a guide.

She can identify with the tranquility of all cetaceans but truly loves Rough-Toothed dolphins the most! She always feels touched by these uniquely beautiful animals and their interactive, curious and intelligent behaviour.