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a person posing for the camera

Camila Dávila 
Marine Biologist

I studied Marine Biology in Peru and have been working on conservation projects and with scientific organizations involving various aquatic wildlife since 2019. Since 2021, I have been working in the northern part of Peru, primarily focused on whale watching, mainly with humpback whales.

I believe Lobosonda offers an exciting perspective on whale watching and ecotourism, particularly with vulnerable species, as well as unique opportunities to spot rare species. It has been an amazing experience for me so far, as I’ve learned a great deal about the Atlantic Ocean and gained more field experience. I appreciate the work environment and the personal interactions we have with guests from around the world. Lobosonda is where passion transcends language barriers.

I consider the ocean my sanctuary. When I’m at sea, it’s a moment of profound self-reflection and tranquility. The endless possibilities of discovery within this remarkable ecosystem always fuel my curiosity. Each species that calls it home is unique and intricate. The ocean serves as a reminder of our origins and emphasizes the importance of returning to our roots to protect and comprehend our future.

My favorite cetaceans are Belugas. I fell in love with them after watching a documentary about their migration in Canada and how they communicate, particularly with their adorable calves. These majestic dolphins are incredibly intelligent and possess the widest range of vocalizations in the marine world. They are often referred to as “sea canaries” due to their ability to imitate a diverse array of sounds. I dream of one day witnessing them swimming freely in the ocean, as all cetaceans should.

Camila feels and cares very much about the ocean and it’s inhabitants and she will do whatever it’s need to protect them.