In a faster pace we glide over the Atlantic, our powerful engines run almost silently. We approach the animals in a good mood with the smell of sea in the air. “Stenella” gives us the chance to get very close to the animals. Since 2012 these zodiac reforces our fleet. The name “Stenella” was inspired by the Atlantic Spotted Dolphins Stenella frontalis. For the sensitive hearing of whales and dolphins that means less noise. We humans however have the advantage to reach more distant animals easily.

Tour Details

Our state of art speed boat takes up to
12 people & 2 crew members.

Tour Specifications:

95,4% Success of the trips
2 hour tour
Wide range
Fast tour
More manoeuvrability
Sporty boat
English & German speaking guide

Please, check our booking conditions below:


55€ Adults
33€ Children
(from 5 – 15 years)

Daily tours:

Jun – Sep:
9.00am . 12.00pm . 3.30pm . 6.00pm

Oct – May:
10.00am . 3.00pm*
*closed on Sundays

Technical Specifications

The Stenella is 9 m (29’6”) long and 3 m (9’10”)
wide. With a full tank containing 700 litres
of petrol, she weighs just below 3 tons.

The boat is propelled by two 250 HP
Mercury engines and can easily reach speeds
of 40 knots. The two 6-cylinder engines
provide for quiet, powerful propulsion even
at low engine speeds. This is important,
as it enables us to avoid stress to noise-sensiti-
ve marine mammals.

By using an innovative, computerised system
named Smartcraft, the boat achieves optimal
environment-friendly fuel consumption.

Before Coming on Board


Safety on board

The Stenella is not a displacement hull boat, therefore it glides on the water. Our guests are sitting on well-padded benches arranged in two lines, each with 6 seats, looking ahead. We can get very close to the animals, and because of its low build close to the water, the Stenella is also very well suited for the observation of shy marine mammals. She can also be used to ‘snorkle with dolphins’.

The uncomplicated boarding and disembarkation guarantees safety and comfort. For each guest and each member of the crew there is a life jacket on board, also some for children in different ages. Besides the compulsory set of safety equipment, the Stenella also has an emergency position-indicating radio beacon (EPIRB), which ensures that the boat can be located instantly at all times with satellites.

There are also two life rafts on the boat and all other required safety equipment (signal rockets, anchors, ropes, fire extinguishers, bilge pumps, etc.). Every year, the boat undergoes inspections on land and water by the maritime administration of Funchal.


Weather Conditions

The weather in Madeira is something very special, and difficult for outsiders to judge. On the very same day, you may experience all four seasons. Our work is directly dependent on weather, for which reason we always consult different weather forecasts before each trip. Sometimes, however, the weather or the sea changes rapidly, and turns out different from the forecasts.

It’s for this reason that we have to cancel bookings sometimes with short notice. We always do our best to make a responsible decision and have the best interests of our guests in mind. Please remember:

– we are not on holiday, and earn our living with the sea trips;
– we are seaworthy;
– we have encounters with whales and dolphins almost every day;
– we are responsible for you on board and at sea.


Our young zodiac ‘Stenella’

In January 2011, our new boat was completed by the manufacturer Narwhal in their Spanish factory. This model, the SP 900, was first introduced to the public in Lisbon, at the Nauticampo expo. We then brought the boat back to Madeira, and Rafael, as is his way of doing things, designed specifically for the boat and implemented all necessary conversions, reinforcements and improvements himself in six months. In January 2012, the last bureaucratic hurdles were overcome, and now the story of this zodiac begins, and is still to be written. We are very happy about this adventure, and christened the boat ‘Stenella’, which means slim, narrow and elegant.

Stenella is a genus of salt-water dolphins. All members of this genus share a general grey body colour with various patterns which are usually darker on the back and lighter on the belly. All species are very active, keen jumpers, and known to be inquisitive. All Stenella species live in the tropical, subtropical and warm moderate climate zones of our planet.

Our ‚Stenella’ is also grey, very fast thanks to her strong engines, and all on board (both crew and guests) are inquisitive to discover new experiences in the world of cetaceans. Our‚ Stenella’ has found her home port in Madeira, in the warm waters of the Atlantic.

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