Whale Watching

Whale Watching

The observation of whales and dolphins has become known worldwide in English as whale watching. Dolphins are of course also covered by the phrase, as they belong to the toothed whales. Marine mammals are a source of great fascination all over the world. Since 2003 we are offering whale watching tours off the south west coast of Madeira island. And as a responsible company this activity is much more than “just” a business.

Rather, it is on one hand such a precious gift that we ever have the opportunity to be able to spend time with these wonderful animals. On the other hand, it is a big pleasure to share these moments with other people and to create awareness for these animals. Therefore the following points are very important:


Our Approach

We always give marine life
top priority on our trips
as we are actually intruding
on their world with our boat.
Therefore, when we spot a group
of whales or dolphins,firstly,
we always check how they are behaving.
What are the animals doing?
Are they moving into one direction,
are they hunting, or searching for food?
Are they resting, socializing,
or do they come voluntarily
and playfully to the bow of our boat?
Lot’s of these information
we will get from our spotter,
which locates the animals
with his big binoculars for us
and then guides the boat towards them.


Whales & Dolphins

Cetacea is the order to which
all cetaceous animals, that is whales,
dolphins and porpoises belong.
All dolphins are whales,
or to be more precise, toothed whales.
But not all whales are dolphins!
The biggest dolphin is the Orca,
which can measure up to 9 meters in length.
But no matter how big they are,
Orcas still belong to the dolphins.
On the other hand, the pygmy sperm whale,
that only grows to about 3 meters in length,
still belongs to the whales.
The whole classification is rather complex,
and for those who know less
about these animals, easily confusing.
For this reason, we made an effort
to introduce these fascinating creatures
in the simplest possible way.


Marine Protection

Madeira island is located
in the middle of the blue Atlantic Ocean
and from almost everywhere on the island
we have the view unto the sea.
There, in the big Blue,
the basis of all life
on our planet originated
through the production of oxygen.
The oceans are therefore,
the cradle of all life.
This alone should be reason enough
for us to be more aware of the sea
and protect the ocean and its inhabitants.
For this same reason
we have gathered some online petitions
that stand up for the protection of cetaceans,
the ocean and all its marine life.
Take action by clicking below…

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