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Up on deck – Astrid Haas, biologist & whale watching Guide

Up on deck – Astrid Haas, biologist & whale watching Guide

Since when are you working as a Whale Watching Guide?

1990, I started with the observation of Bottlenose dolphins as research assistant, doing photoidentification. Place: Gulf of Mexico, Galveston, Texas, USA. Afterwards in 1991, I did the same work off the Pacific coast of Golfito (Costa Rica).

With classical whale watching, I started in 2008 and since 2010, I am a Whale Watching Guide for Lobosonda.

What do you like most in your work?

It’s every day again fascinating to see, how wild whales and dolphins behave, also in the interaction with boats and people. Watching those great animals from close, sometime even eye in eye, is touching my soul and is intensifing my dedication for the marine wildlife in general. Moreover, this work is a fullfilling one, because I can pass on my knowledge to other people. It’s great being able to inspire them for the and raise interest about the animals needs and lives. Especially, if the guests returning to land with a happy smile on their face and with new knowledge, this is a great feedback for my work.

What do you wish for the Oceans in general?

The oceans covers almost threethirds of our planet. They are the biggest living space on earth. They are a key element for our lives on land and are essential also for our survival. Oceans generate the oxygen we need on land, they are a main factor for the worldwide climate and in many other important cycles.

I wish so much, that humanity finally understand the importance of this biggest living space of the earth. That worldwide, local politicans use their braines and finally undertake overduing mesures to save the ecological balance of the Ocean habitats.

I wish, that worldwide all nations will declare large areas as marine protected areas (MPA), so that oasis of biodiversity can evolve there and the threatened species have the chance to restore themselves.

I hope especially, that humans finally understand, that they do not only need the products of a healthy Ocean, but also need the unforeseeablility of the living world, which surrounds us.

We humans need dreams and adventures, we have to learn again seeing the grace of the creation. Understanding, that we are a little part of this. We can not find this in zoological gardens, neither in aquacultures.

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