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Turtle news

Turtle news

We are living in a time where the planet Earth is having a break. A break from pollution, noise, endangerment, crimes, etc.

Humans are in a lockdown due to the pandemic but animals all around the world are roaming free and nature is breathing and flourishing.

One of these cases are the sea turtles, one of the most endangered sea species threatened by the human race either by destroying their natural habitats with plastic pollution or by overfishing with big nets or by killing them for their eggs, meat, skin and shells.

But in the middle of this blurry time, news has surfaced that in Eastern India these beautiful sea creatures have been able to reach shore with no interference from pollution or human presence and had laid their eggs. Probably this will be one of the best seasons for new hatchings in many years. This is amazing news as their extinction is a big threat.

In Orissa, India in their marine sanctuary it was reported for instance that almost 408 000 of olive Ridley sea turtles (Lepidochelys kempii) have laid their eggs in March. In another part of India, Gahirmatha beach is estimated that 60 million new eggs have been laid.

These are, for sure, amazing news and a sign that Earth can and will continue to survive and re-invent itself while us, as humans, are mere passengers in this magnificent planet.

by Marlene Cabral

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