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The Marina in Calheta

The Marina in Calheta

All our trips out into the endless blue start from the marina in Calheta. This recreational port located 14 miles to the West of Funchal on the islands sunny southern coastline is the ideal base for multiple recreational marine activities: sailing, kayaking, swimming, diving, fishing and for sure also cetacean watching!

There is enough space for the docking up to 300 yachts on the piers. In addition to vessels used for touristic purposes and private ships, also a few commercial fishing boats regularly dock in Calheta.

Located between two hotels and two beaches, an artificial one with yellow sands and a natural one of dark volcanic pebble, the marina provides plenty of opportunities to spend some time before or after a trip. Along the waterfront there are multiple restaurants, cafes and stores. Protected parking opportunities, a supermarket and rental car possibilities are not far away.

The marina is a place to get inspired by the ocean and the people who work or relax out there. It´s a place to enjoy an ice cream under the palm trees, to watch the lovely “marina-dog” following his daily routine, listen to the gulls or simply watch the boats go out or return from sea.

by Jan-Christopher Fischer

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