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A dolphinarium here on madeira island? NO, we can´t let this happen, please help us signing and spreading the petition on Avaaz 

Here’s a video message from Ric O´Barry, a simple and important message

Jane Goddall speaks out for the dolphins

And finally a sequence of videos that tell the story, the true story that is behind the dolphinaria and orcanaria

And here are some choices of petitions from us for you to sign in – please take action! 

Stop Dolphinaria

Help to stop the slaughter of pilot whales by Faroe Islands

Help to save Japan’s dolphins in Taiji

Help to stop Sea World & Co

Help to stop whaling

Help to stop the dolphin hunt off the coast of Peru

Help to stop the illegal killing of river dolphins in Brasil

Support homes for whales – Marine protected areas


Help to secure the two largest ocean sancturies in the world – Antarctica

Help to stop ocean plastics pollution


Help to stop drilling in the Canary Islands 

Help to stop drilling in the arctic waters