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Surprise, surprise…

Surprise, surprise…

Our loyal Blog visitors know that for the last few years there is always a little feature from Lobosonda around Christmas time, so we wouldn’t let you down this year! For us this is a way to show appreciation to our guests and blog readers, which have (or will) share amazing adventures and experiences with us out on the ocean.

And what is the surprise? … *drums* … A CALENDAR, which will keep you company through 2017!! A calendar with some of the best moments of 2016 & with notes for special days in 2017!

These special days are organized by color, and every color has a meaning:

Days in orange are special days for Lobosonda,
Days in blue are special Ocean days,
Days in green are special nature days
Days in red are soul days, just little reminder for you to have a happy day,

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday we will be sharing with you calendar sheet. The last one waits for you on December 24th. You will find the links to download the sheets in our post, but don’t worry they will be available for a longer period of time. We created the calendar to be an easy and fun DIY project. Just follow the pictured explanation…

Thank you so much for your trust in us, thank you for your joy and interest in these wonderful marine mammals. And now we wish you lots of fun with our first Lobosonda calendar!

your Lobosonda team

During January we often have very nice feeding situations with Common dolphins. Sometimes is gets crazy, water splashes everywhere and small fishes trying to jump in all directions to escape. The dolphins give their best to fill their stomachs.
A long time ago the “Wunderschön” TV team from Germany (Wunderschön = wonderful) visited us on our board Ribeira Brava. Since then our guests still tell us they saw this beautiful and interesting documentation and for that reason they choose us. A big Thank you to “Wunderschön”!
You will find also quite a few days in our January calendar for the “soul”. Check it out, participate and enjoy!

by Fatima Kutzschbach 

CLICK HERE to download the calendar, or copy the following link:


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