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Stone on stone

Stone on stone

Today is the first Advent! Our welfare crib gets its first “bricks“.

Today’s crib blog will be about the constitution and construction of schools. For most of us visiting a school goes without saying. What a huge privilege! But there are others, who (still) do not have the chance of education. To learn how to read, write, and calculate is a precondition for the integration into the world, a precondition to take matters into one’s own hands. Every stone that can build a school means hope. To be able to learn is the base for people to help themselves; it creates an equality of opportunity and implies future.

Isn’t it a good feeling to know that stone on stone a school will be build?  One of these “stones” can be your gift.

Betterplace from street to school

Worldvision Build a school

by Fatima Kutzschbach 

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