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It is a very unusual picture to see Common dolphins in September! We call them our “winter dolphins”. But the last two summers we made a new experience. Most animals left our area like usually in early summer to travel to colder waters, but some animals stayed. It is difficult to say if they stayed because of later offspring? There are Long-beaked and Short-beaked Common dolphins but off the coast of Madeira we meet only Short-beaked Common dolphins.

On September 16th is International Ozone Day. Very special is the heart day of this month: World Gratitude Day! What a precious quality to be grateful. Personally I believe, if we would have more awareness for all things to be grateful for, we would be much happier with ourselves and with others. There is so much to be thankful for.

And now a little experiment! There are studies that people who started to be aware of things to be grateful for discovered more and more to be grateful for. They developed a high attitude of gratitude and the level of happiness increased immensely. We would love to give you just some examples of what to be grateful for: being alive and healthy; family; friends; beloved animal; a home; work; the smile of another person; the warmth of the sun; the smell of coffee in the morning; to hear somebody saying “Thank you” and to say it to another person; a good book; a good message; talents; hobbies; an amazing sighting with Lobosonda … and the list can get longer and longer. The own gratitude brings also a precious quality in the life of others. Just try it out!

by Fatima Kutzschbach

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