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schlechtes Wetter, bad weather, mau tempo 06.10.2010 . . .

Wetter aus West, Nordwest, Südwest ist für uns in Calheta immer schlecht. Die Schifffahrt wird gewarnt, da heißt es besser im Hafen zu bleiben, dabei war es gestern doch noch soooo schön.

Weather from west, northwest, southwest is bad for us in Calheta. The navigation got a warning, this means it is better to stay in the harbour, but yesterday it still had been sooooo nice.

Tempo de oeste, nordoeste, sudoeste +e sempre mau para nos na Calheta. Recebemos um aviso de alerta para a navegação. Assim vai ser melhor ficar quieto no porto , embora ontem o mar tem tido assim lindo.

Stenella frontalis

Cranchiidae, wahrscheinlich, probably, provavelmente Leachia sp.

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