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Re-usable Masks

Re-usable Masks

In recent days it came to our knowledge that PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and Rash´r (Eco-friendly Clothing company) have come up with an ideia of making masks from plastic water bottles found in the ocean.

Rash´r is well known for creating eco-friendly active wear and now they partnership with PADI and are selling this re-usable masks which includes replacement filters.

They have different designs with a common ground – sea creatures. They have for adults as for kids. With the current pandemic going on, this is a way of helping companies that are going through this tough times, help the environment and the ocean and it allows the so much needed surgical masks be available for the people that really needs them, the Health care workers.

For more info, check Rash´r  or PADI and help this companies turning something bad into something good.

by Marlene Cabral

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