Snorkelling with dolphins
in the open ocean

Experiencing dolphins in their natural habitat, the open ocean, can be an intense experience. We can not and do not want to deprive ourselves of snorkeling with dolphins, as we know first-hand what a great and touching experience it can be. Our goal is to give our guests an unforgettable experience while treating the animals respectfully. We are offering trips to guests who would specifically like to enter the water to see these animal. Nevertheless, it is important to understand, that we do not actively swim with dolphins, but passively float on the surface while observing the animals. Therefore, this activity is not referred to as “swimming with dolphins”.

Trip Details

We are taking no more than 8 guests
on each trip, who wish to snorkel with
dolphins. There may be 4 more persons
on board accompanying the snorkelers.

Every guest is equipped with a towel,
a bathing suit, and a wind-breaker.

The skipper and the guide on board
will decide which and how many guests
at the same time and when may enter
the water to experience the dolphins.

The crew will take into consideration the
group characteristics and behaviour of the
animals, their willingness to interact,
and the physical condition of the
human participants.


70€ Adults
48€ Children
(good swimmers till 15 years)

Tours :

Summer season* (Apr – Sep)
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 08:30h
(includes an obligatory briefing)

Winter season* (Oct – May)
Wednesdays or/and Saturdays at 09:00h
(includes obligatory briefing)

We also are able to provide this experience for groups.

Please take note:
*Wetsuits are recomended all year long,
during the winter season it is obligatory to bring a wetsuit
(we don’t rent wetsuits)

For each paying snorkelling participant we will be donating 5€ to the
Rick O’Barry Dolphin Project

General Conditions

We operate respecting local regulations.

Swimmers are to remain passive onlookers.

It is very important that you are familiar
with using a snorkel and a mask.

Just like on our whale watching trips,
we must not forget that we are dealing
with nature and wild animals.

We can not give you any guarantees for
what nature has to offer. And there may also
be reasons that prevent our crew from
allowing you, as a paying guest
to enter the water.

Financial refunds are excluded..

Our Approach

It is our highest priority to always remember that we are dealing with wild and free animals
in any given moment and that we are guests in their element. Snorkeling is allowed with two species of dolphins in Madeira:
Common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) our winter dolphins, and spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis), our summer dolphins.

Snorkeling trips to the dolphins only take place if all general conditions are met.
This will be established beforehand by our crew and spotters.
However, we must not forget that we are dealing with nature here, and nature is not entirely predictable for us humans.
We can not and do not wish to give any guarantees for what nature has to offer.

A gentle and safe encounter for both parties has a higher priority for us.
For this reason, we would like to ask our guests to please respect our basic ethical principles
while snorkeling with these beautiful creatures. These principles are explained in greater detail
in the introductory talk before the trip, and are confirmed by all participants with their signature.

Just like with whale watching, we can not guarantee you sightings. And there may also be reasons that prevent our crew from
allowing you, as a paying guest to enter the water. Such reasons may be related to the safety of the
guests or the well-being of the animals, and must be accepted by all participants without dispute.

Before coming on board…

What can you do to be
as well-prepared as possible?

– You should be familiar with your mask and snorkel, and also with the open sea. This way, you can concentrate all your attention on the animals.

– A properly fitting swimsuit (no bikini)/swimming trunks give(s) more confidence. You may also wear a T-shirt over your bikini.

– You should be healthy and free of any infection.

– It is not possible to use glasses for snorkelling, so we recommend the use of contact lenses for a more effective and comfortable experience.

– Please always remember that your own physical condition will determine your experience and also that of others with you in the water.

– If you can, please bring your own equipment (snorkel, mask, swimming suit). Lobosonda can also provide you with a mask and snorkel.

– If you use our mask and snorkel, you are responsible for this equipment. Please return it in good condition. Otherwise we have to charge you. For the loss of the mask it’s 35€ and 15€ for the loss of the snorkel.

How should you behave during encounters with marine mammals?

– Glide into the water slowly, quietly and carefully.
– Refrain from any frantic movement.
– Relax and float on the surface.
– Repeatedly get into eye contact with the crew on board.
– Be patient and let the animals decide what they want to do.
– Make sure you turn off the flash on your underwater camera.
– Do not overestimate your abilities.

It is impossible for us to judge your physical condition, and your water skills before or during the trip. We can not know how you will react
when all of a sudden you are floating on the surface with 1000 metres of water below you, or if a large fish appears. We neither expect you to be
a diver, nor be barely able to swim. For this reason, all participants are
required to sign a declaration of personal responsibility, as Lobosonda does not assume any liability for potential accidents.