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One voice for the dolphins in Taiji!

One voice for the dolphins in Taiji!

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

(Mahatma Gandhi)

This year we were gifted by very beautiful sightings with wild and free cetaceans. Just recently we had a remarkable encounter with Pilot whales, which almost danced in front of Ribeira Brava (Blog 19.11.2015 – “Here and there”). At the same time a pod of Pilot whales were chased into the Bay of Taiji/Japan. They were kept for days without any access to food. The group was highly under stress. Then the brutality started! The adult animals were slaughtered; the youngsters were driven out to sea without any projection and care of the adult animals. The survival chance for these helpless animals is almost zero.

It is not possible to put in words what’s happening every year in the Bay of Taiji/Japan. The barbarity is so indescribable that it makes us speechless. But it does not mean, that we will stay speechless!

Over 20.000 animals die every season. Bottlenose dolphins, Common dolphins, Striped dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, Pilot whales, Rough-toothed dolphins, Pacific white-sided dolphins, Pseudo orcas and much more are slaughtered without mercy. A little percentage of dolphin meat will be consumed but even the Government advises not to eat the highly mercurial meat.

The strongest of the Bottlenose dolphins will be sold to dolphinaria, separated from the pod they will have a spend the rest of their lifes miserable in small concrete tanks. The rest is going to be clubbed to death and cruelly butchered. The screams of the dolphins do not reach the souls of the slaughter men. When we imagine the Ocean it is blue, but in Japan every year from September to Mai it is red from all the blood of these animals. Such a crime against nature and life!

Here is a beautiful video that translates in a beautiful way that cetaceans are: Just like you

What is Lobosonda doing?

  1. We inform our guest about what keeps happening in Taiji; ask to support petitions and to donate to organisations fighting for this cause.
  2. A percentage (7,50€) of our extra charge for our snorkeling program with wild dolphins goes to the Dolphin Project.

What you can do?

  1. Do not visit any dolphinaria
  2. Support petitions
  3. Donate

TOMORROW from 12 – 6 p.m. 10.000 protesters will be needed at the Japanese Embassy in London to speak up against the cruelty happening in Japan. If you are around London show your support!

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by Fatima Kutzschbach

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