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October QUIZ!

October QUIZ!

Unfortunately during the last few days the weather was grey, wet and windy. Therefore we had time to prepare a QUIZ for you!

For our guest following the Blog regularly it will be easy, and for the others as well. One or the other might discover that he is already a real whale expert.

We prepared some questions for you. If you want to check the correctness, behind every question is the date of the blog where you will find the answer.

  1. How much eats a Sperm whale per day? ((Don’t) bite off more than you can chew)
  2. With how many clicks starts a conversation between Sperm whales? (21.10.2016)
  3. What creates the so-called fluke print on the water surface? (18.10.2016)
  4. How do marine mammals sleep? (14.10.2016)
  5. Why our speed boat is named Stenella? (11.10.2016)
  6. What means mar azeite? (10.10.2016)
  7. What’s the name of our fantastic video with a Sperm whale calf? (10.10.2016)
  8. In which social structure do Sperm whales, Pilot whales and Orcas live? (08.10.2016)
  9. How long can Cuvier Beaked whales dive? (07.10.2016)
  10. What can Senhor Luis especially well? (04.10.2016)
  11. How deep Northern Bottlenose whales are able to dive? (03.10.2016)
Enjoy foraging through our Blog texts!
by Fatima Kutzschbach

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