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On a Sunday in November we got very surprised by a Fin whale sighting. After a long search for animals we finally got the information that a Fin whale was in our area and we found him. What an amazing encounter! The whale escorted Ribeira Brava quite a while. This sighting was really and truly “whalelastic”.

Fin whale facts:

  • The Fin whale has an asymmetric coloration. On the right lower jaw is a white or light gray “right mandible patch”, the left side is dark. This is an identifying feature,
  • Per day he consumes around 1800kg of food,
  • “Balaenoptera” means “winged whale” while “Physalus” means “bellows”,
  • Fin Whales tie their cousins the Blue Whales for making the lowest-frequency sounds of any animals,
  • Fin Whales are the second largest living mammals

The “International Day of Tolerance” is going to be celebrated on November 16th, followed by “World Hello Day” on November 21th. November 24th is “Day of the sardine”

by Fatima Kutzschbach 

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