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November Quiz

November Quiz

And once again we have a little quiz for you, this time we are taking a closer look at November 2016. Have fun finding the answers 🙂

  1. Which petition needs your support? “Flipper”
  2. Why whales are so important for our climate? Swimming rain forest
  3. Whale or dolphin, to which category pilot whales count? Wind proofed
  4. Who got our congratulations on this special day? A Saturday with Sunday vibes
  5. What is a “spy hop”? A beastly good guide
  6. What is the meaning of “neritic zone“? Nocturnal feeding
  7. What is the meaning of the new word: “whalelastic”? Whalelastic
  8. Who are the power girls and why? Power girls
  9. Which Pilot whale behavior was already observed quite a few times? Preciosities
  10. Which side do YOU choose? Which side do we choose

by Fatima Kutzschbach 

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