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Logbook – Three at a stroke

Logbook – Three at a stroke

A sighting of the finest and how the little word „blue“ became an adrenaline rush

Our Blue office is a great playground for always new experience. The reality out there is all the times different and new …. The best motto on boat or in life in general is: “Simply admitting to what comes!”

During our morning trip on April 29th we had an absolutely special sighting! The ocean was wavy but good enough to go out, luckily! Rarely, very rarely do we have encounters with the largest of the greatest, the Blue whale! A wonderful, amazing Blue whale!

He swam at a good pace against the waves and our boat Ribeira Brava worked bravely its way through the ups and downs. The adrenalin level of everybody on board was high! When the whale came out of the wave crest it was possible to seen its body almost at right angle and the spout blasted into the air.

What an energetic situation, what a rare guest off the coast line of Madeira. But there’s the animal was escorted by two other Baleen whales. How often this does happens? This gave reason to cheer even more! First we thought we had two Finback whales.

Not even close … but a good example that out there, if we have only seconds to see the animal final identification is not always easy. Many factors need to be absorbed in instantly, to get the whole picture. Luckily after the trip we are able to analyze the pictures on the computer. It turned out that we had two Sei whales in addition, two other rare visitors in Madeiran waters.

This wonderful trip was only one of many which touched our guests and crew. Our Lobosonda year started already with plenty spectacular, exiting and amazing experiences and surely they will come more. In any case we are looking very much forward to it!

By your guide Fatima Kutzschbach

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