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Lobosondas Welfare crib

Lobosondas Welfare crib

On Madeira Island Christmas cribs are a huge tradition. Every little village builds their own crib and lovingly take care of it. Last year we showed you some pictures of Calhetas fire department Christmas crib, witch extended itself over two levels.

Building a Christmas crib can be done by a special order. At first there are the stones, which are necessary to build the scenery, and then the plants are sited, next step are the animals and last but not least humans find their place.

The Christmas crib is a place of refuge, of support and wonder. This year we contrived a very special kind of crib. She is not within reach but very real. We will follow the special order to create our crib: StonesPlantsAnimalsHumans. At the same time we will offer you some ideas how you can present your beloved ones with gifts which express love, respect and support.

How often do we want to delight someone with a gift, but don’t know what it should be? How about presenting this person with a very good feeling instead of something material? This kind of gift never gets out of date, it goes deeper within you, we can never exhibit to much good feelings, right? Therefore we will be suggesting some good projects where your gift can be donating in someones behalf.

Stones – Plants – Animals – Humans, our well far crib is comprehensive, international and interdisciplinary. It expresses respect for life. Shelter, setup and future are likewise love, appreciation and hope. With a donation you not only will be presenting someone/something, but you also will be presenting yourself. It has been proved that spending money on someone else releases a much powerful feeling then when you spend it on yourself. Isn’t it a good feeling to be able to give? With your donation wonders are possible. The other presentees are Mother Nature (plants and animals) or Humans, but also your beloved ones, since through the value of their gift, hope and welfare is carried out. Are you in favour of this special crib?

Be taken by surprise how we tackle this idea. Decide by yourself at which part of our welfare crib you would like to participate. We will offer you some suggestions, but maybe you will find your own project to wich you would like to donate. Only the deed is important!

by Fatima Kutzschbach 


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