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The Common dolphins are now with offspring. In the beginning the calf is always close to mom’s side. There they find protection and they also get pulled along by the suction of mom’s movement. Both animals are very tactile, specially the mom. They touch each other all the time with their flippers and bodies. These tender contacts prove affection as well as it is a form of communication. Whistles are another form they use to communicate. By the way, directly after mom delivers the calf she continuously repeats her signature whistles so the baby quickly memorizes this special “whistle name”.

June 05th is World Environment Day! The motto for this year and all the following years is: reduce – buy green – recycle! Please check out our Blog from June 08th, we always provide some information and if possible a little event for World Ocean Day, we plan on keeping this tradition. On June 15th is World Wind Day, on this day everyone should be free and able to feel the wind on their faces, even the dolphins 🙂

by Fatima Kutzschbach

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