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Dolphins! So often the crew on board experience how our guests are enchanted by dolphins. What might be the reason that we are so touched by these encounters? Suddenly one is completely in the present moment, filled with wonder and joy. When these beautiful animals get in contact with us, it is like a gift and the heart lights up!Which are the special days in July? On July 3th is Plastic Bag Free Day, but shouldn’t be there many, many plastic bag free days during the year? On July 14th is the Shark Awareness Day. Sharks need our protection! And here are some interesting facts to these animals:

  • Sharks are older than the dinosaurs,
  • The Great white shark uses the glare from the sunlight to hunt more efficiently,
  • Sharks have jelly in their snout that has the highest proton conductivity of any biological material ever found. The jelly resides in an organ which is known as Ampullae of Lorenzini. It plays an important role in how sharks are able to detect extremely weak electrical signals,
  • Pocket sharks are incredible small. A baby pocket shark which was found in 2015 was only 5,5 inches long and they look like little whales,
  • The common frilled shark has the longest gestation period in animal kingdom, incredible 3,5 years.

And what are the special days for the heart in July? This time it is about joy and friendship. Check out the dates 🙂

by Fatima Kutzschbach 

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