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grosse und kleine Zahnwale – big and little toothed whales

Gemeine Delfine, Tümmler und Pottwale

Common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and sperm whales

Golfinhos comuns, roazes e cachalotes

Physeter macrocephalus

Delphinus delphis

Tursiops truncatus

Physeter macrocephalus

Die Pottwale am Nachmittag, es waren 5, schwammen in einer Reihe nebeneinander immer Richtung Westen.

The sperm whales from the afternoon trip, 5 animals, were swimming in a line one next to the other, allways in the direction west.

Os cachalotes da parte da tarde, eram 5 animais, nadaram lado ao lado numa linha sempre em direcção a oeste.

Physeter macrocephalus

Hier fängt der Pottwal seinen Tauchgang an.

Here the sperm whale beginns its diving.

Aqui o cachalote começa o seu mergulho.

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