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Fahrten, trips, viagens 06.04.2010

Wieder in Eile, muss zur Schule.

Again I’ve less time, have to go to school.

De novo com pressa para ir para escola.

Tursiops truncatus

Stenella coeruleoalba

Delphinus delphis

Stenella frontalis

Vormittags 4 Arten von Delfinen und nachmittags gemeine Delfine beim Fressen und diesen Vogel. Wer weiss wie er heisst?

In the morning all 4 types of dolphins and in the aftrnoon common dolphins while feeding and these bird. Who knows its name?

De manha 4 diferentes especies de golfinhos e a tarde golfinhos comuns em alimentação e esta ave. Quem sabe o nome dele?

Puffinus puffinus puffinus

Auf deutsch heisst der Vogel Schwarzschnabel Sturmtaucher.

In english its called Manx Shearwater-

O nome em português é Patagarro.

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