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Fahrten, trips, viagens 25.10.2010

Heute kommen zuerst die Bilder und der Text später.

Today the photos come first, the text later.

Hoje as fotos são primerio do que o texto.

Stenella frontalis

Morus bassanus

Stenella frontalis

  1. Paul
    October 26, 2010

    Hi Lobosonda team
    If its a Morus bassanus its probably a young bird. Wiki states they are “dark brown in their first year, and gradually acquire more white in subsequent seasons until they reach maturity after five years”


    • lobosonda
      October 26, 2010

      You are right!!! We confirmed it with bird specialists. Wikipedia is ok, but we have to be carefull, can’t beleave everything what’s in there. But this time it’s right, when they are adults they are lightly beige/yelloish colored.


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