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Fahrten, trips, viagens 17.7.2010

Auf allen 3 Fahrten heute einen großen Bartenwal und residente Tümmler. Die Tümmler waren immer die gleichen, die Wale vormittags bleibt es unklar zwischen Brydewal und Seiwal. Mittags war es ein Brydewal, weil die 3 Riefen deutlich auf dem Foto zu erkennen waren und spät nachmittags war es eine Brydewalmutter mit ihrem Kalb, die wir vor Tagen schon gesehen hatten. Sie hat einen Schnitt in der Finne.

On all 3 trips today we saw a big baleen whale and resident bottlenose dolphins. The bottlenose dolphins were allways the same pod, the whales different animals. In the morning its not clear if it was a sei whale or a bryde’s whale, in the midday trip it was a bryde’s whale, because of its 3 ridges we could see perfectly on the photos and in the late afternoon we saw a bryde’s whale mother and her calf, the same we allready saw some days ago and the mother has a cut on her fin.

Em todas as 3 viagens hoje vimos uma baleia de barbas e roazes residentes. Os roazes eram sempre o mesmo grupo de residentes cá, as baleias eram diferentes. De manha ficou  em duvida se era uma baleia sardinheira ou tropical. Na viagem do meio dia vimos uma baleia tropical porque as 3 lombos eram bem visível na foto e a tarde era uma baleia tropical mãe com a sua cria. Os mesmos já temos visto á dias e a mãe distingue se com um corte na barbatana dorsal.

11:05 – Tursiops truncatus

11:06 – Tursiops truncatus

14:42 – Tursiops truncatus

10:21 – Balaenoptera edeni or Balaenoptera borealis

15:26 – Balaenoptera edeni

18:10 – Balaenoptera edeni

18:12 – Balaenoptera edeni

14:53 – Tursiops truncatus

11:05 – Tursiops truncatus

15:35 – Balaenoptera edeni

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