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Fahrten, trips, viagens 16.06.2010

Heute sahen wir auf beiden Fahrten Fleckendelfine und vormittags auch noch einen Seiwal, nachmittags 3 Schildkröten neben einander. Seevögel sahen wir heute: Gelbschnabel Sturmtaucher, Bulwer Sturmvögel, Weißgesicht Sturmschwalbe, Madeira Wellenläufer.

Today we saw on both trips spotted dolphins and on the morning trip as well a sei whale, in the afternoon 3 turtles next to each other. Seabirds we saw today: Cory Shearwaters, Bulwert petrels, white-faced storm petrel, Madeiran storm petrel.

Hoje vimos em ambas as viagens golfinhos pintados e na viagem de manha também uma baleia sardinheira, a tarde 3 tartarugas todos juntos. Aves marinhas vimos hoje: Cagarras, Almas negras, Calcamar, Roque de castro.

Stenella frontalis

Baleanoptera borealis

Caretta caretta

Oceanodroma castro

Stenella frontalis

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  1. Brenda Tollett
    June 18, 2010

    We took this trip our last day in Madeira. Lobosonda was wonderful (they came highly recommended). We saw plenty of dolphins and two sei whales – though the whales didn’t stay at the surface for very long and were not very close. It was a great time.


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