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Fahrten, trips, viagens 07.09.2010

Meine Lieblingsdelfine, die so intelligent und komunikativ sind: Rauzahndelfine sahen wir heute Vormittag, genauso wie Schnabelwale, wenn auch diese nur sehr kurz (hier Archivbilder). Nachmittags sahen wir eine Schule residenter Tümmler, die langsam westwärts zogen.

My favorite dolphins, they are so intelligent and interactive with us and the boat: rough-toothed-dolphins we seen in the morning trip, as well as beaked whales for a short while (foto from our archiv). In the afternoon we’ve been with a pod of resident bottlenose dolphins, which treveled to the west.

Meus golfinhos favoritos, são muito inteligente e interactivos conosco e o barco: caldeirões vimos hoje de manha, assim como baleias de bico dalguma distancia (foto do meu arquivo). A tarde acompanhamos um grupo de roazes residentes cá para algum tempo ao longo do seu caminho para oeste.

Steno bredanensis

Weiß bis rosa “Lippen” haben sie – They have white – rosa “lips” – Têm “labios” brancos até rosas

Steno bredanensis

Diese Goldmakrele hat der Delfin nicht erwischt – This dorado (Mahi-mahi) wasn’t caught by the dolphin – Esta dourada não fui apanhado pelo caldeirão.

Steno bredanensis / Coryphaena hippurus

Das hier ist Triangulo, einer unserer Patendelfine. Mehr Infos unter WDSF

Steno bredanensis

Steno bredanensis

Mesoplodon densirostris

Mesoplodon densirostris female

Mesoplodon densirostris male

Tursiops truncatus

Tursiops truncatus

Tursiops truncatus

Sterna hirundo

Calonectris diomedia borealis

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