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Fahrt – trip – viagem 20.05.2010

Heute gab es eine Menge Schildkröten, einen fliegenden Fisch, eine portugisische Galeere, verschiedene Seevögel und 2 Schulen von Fleckendelfinen. Dazu nette Gäste, groß und klein, ein schön ruhiges Meer mit wolkenlosem Himmel und wunderbaren Blick auf Madeira.

Today we had a lot of turtles, a flying fish, a portugiese man of war, different seabirds and 2 pots of atlantic spotted dolphins. As well the boat was full of nice guests, big once and little once, we had calm sea and a phantastic view on madeira island and a sky without any clouds.

Hoje vimos muitas tartarugas, um peixe voador, uma caravela portuguesa, pintainhos e cagarras e 2 grupos de golfinhos pintados. O barco cheio de clientes divertidos, grandes e pequenos, um mar muito calmo e nenhuma nuvem no céu e usufrutamos de uma paisagem belíssima para a ilha da madeira.

Caretta caretta

Stenella frontalis

Stenella frontalis

Homo sapiens

Stenella frontalis

Puffinus puffinus puffinus

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