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die ersten Sturmvögel – the first shearwaters – as primeiras cagarras

Die heutige Ausfahrt war für richtige Seemänner und -frauen, alle 11 haben bestanden. Bei relativ rauher See sahen wir aber ausser den ersten Sturmvögeln (Bild nicht von heute), die aus ihren Winterquartieren recht früh zurückkehren, leider keine Cetaceen (Waltiere).

The trip today was one for realy men and women of the sea, all 11 passed. The sea was relativly rough and beside the first Cory Shearwaters (photo not from today), which returned early this year from their winterplaces, we didn’t saw cetacean (whales or dolphins).

A viagem fui para homens e mulheres mesmo do mar, todos os 11 passageiras passaram. O mar estava relativamente mexido e a parte das primeiras cagarras (foto não fui de hoje), que neste ano voltaram cedo para cá, não vimos nenhuns cetáceos.

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