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December Quiz

December Quiz
  1. Who was many years ago on board of Ribeira Brava? January
  2. At which date Stenella went out for the first time? February
  3. Which was the special sighting in March and what is the distinctive feature? March
  4. How many days does Cory’s Shearwater hatch? April
  5. Which are the special “Sea-Monkey” facts? May
  6. Do dolphins have a “name”? June
  7. Who is older: sharks or dinosaurs? July
  8. Which fact gave the Pilot whale his name? August
  9. What is our little experiment? September
  10. What is the title of our amazing Sperm whale baby video? October
  11. What is the translation for „Balaenoptera“ November
  12. The Lobosonda team is looking forward to …? December 
by Fatima Kutzschbach

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