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26.05.2018 – Dolphins DELUXE

26.05.2018 – Dolphins DELUXE

Huge – grey – powerful – impressive – beautiful – intense – heart touching – just to adore – feelings of happiness … what could this mean? This describes only partly our Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) today! All will agree this was a wonderful experience, some spoke it out loud: “I will never, ever forget this in my entire life!”. “Yes, you are doing it right! Keep this experience in your heart!”, advises your guide 🙂 We never know what’s going to happen; we are guests in their environment, in their living room and today we definitely got an invitation!

A huge group of Bottlenose dolphins traveled with speed in direction of Calheta and we were joined by them. Animals after animals came into the bow wave, again and again. It was an experience DELUXE! Do you remember, when a Bottlenose dolphin exhaled loud and powerful in front of the boat and we laughed. What a funny situation… and I would like to provide you another information: Land mammals and humans are changing only 10-15% of their lung capacity but the percentage of air replacement by marine mammals lies by 80-90%! Their lungs possess a double capillary network, which allows to subduct the double amount of oxygen from their respiratory air. Only a small amount of 9% remains in the lungs, over 80% is bonded in the muscle system and therefore in hemoglobin and the rest circulates in the blood stream. Two to three times more blood per kilogram body weight (compared to land mammals) ensures an effective transport of oxygen.

To close this Blog I would love to say “Thank you” to our interested, curious, nature loving guests (it was a joy to be with you) – “Thank you” to our spotter (today it was Higino) – “Thank you” to Nature – “Thank you” to our dolphins DELUXE.

By Fatima Kutzschbach

Sightings of the day

Ribeira Brava

10:00 Bottlenose dolphins

15:00 Bottlenose dolphins

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