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Filipe Bettencourt

Filipe started working in the area of Whale Watching in 2004. For him working in this field always fully made sense due to the fact he has loved the ocean since his childhood. At the young age of 12 he sailed in the small dinghy competition and received his first license for engine boats when he was 14 years old.

After that, at the age of 16 he began instructing sailing to children, whilst coaching aboard a zodiac. Since then he has worked in a sailing school and has participated in several sailing competitions.

Filipe is licensed to train people to sail vessels as long as 12 meters. The biggest boat that he was skipper on was an 18 meter catamaran but the Ribeira Brava presents a unique and fun challenge for him.

As captain on board our traditional boat, he feels the true nature of the ocean and for him this is the next frontier; here, he feels connected to everything.

Filipe loves outdoor activities and sports. Trail running, spinning and canyoning are his energy charger.

The philosophy of Lobosonda is the one that he identifies himself with. He loves the challenge of giving the best whale/dolphin watching experience to everyone on board, with the least possible impact on the animals. Filipe’s experience and know-how with marine mammals add to his calm and friendly demeanour, making him an excellent whale-watching captain!

His favorite marine mammal is the Striped dolphin but he also identifies himself with the charismatic “smiles” of the Atlantic Spotted dolphins.