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COVID UPDATES (11.01.2021)

COVID UPDATES (11.01.2021)

Dear followers,

In the light of recent COVID-19 developments on the archipelago, the local government has announced new safety measures for Madeira that will come into effect on Wednesday the 13th January 2021 and last until Sunday January 31st 2021. Among the new regulations, we listed the relevant changes for our clients and our activity: 

  1. Until the 31st January circulation on public roads is prohibited between 7pm and 5am on weekdays and between 6pm and 5am on weekends & public holidays.
  2. Industrial, commercial and service activities will adapt their opening times to the newly introduced curfew and close at 6pm on weekdays and at 5pm on weekends. Exceptions: Pharmacies, clinics, oxygen/medical gas services, car gas stations (only for fueling). Please note: restaurants offering meal deliveries will operate until 10pm but only professionals associated with delivery are permitted to circulate after curfew.

Relevant changes for Lobosonda: Until January 31st our shop in Calheta will adapt its opening times to the new curfew;

Weekdays (9:30am to 6pm); Saturdays (9:30am to 5pm)

Afternoon tour times (Saturday) until January 31st: Ribeira Brava 13:30 & Stenella 14:00

The use of masks remains mandatory in closed and public spaces & transportation from the age of 6 years old

Updated 11.01.2021

COVID protocol Lobosonda:

  • Temporary opening times of our shop in Calheta (until 31.01.2021):  Weekdays (9:30am to 6pm); Saturdays (9:30am to 5pm)
  • We currently operate with 2/3 of our boats capacity (Ribeira Brava: max. 10 clients; Stenella: max. 8 clients). We therefore advise our clients to book in advance. 
  • Social distancing rules must be respected
  • Disinfection of hands when entering/exiting our shop & boats
  • Temperature control at check-in (If you record temperature above 37,8ºC you will be asked not to board our boats, for safety reasons)
  • Use of mask is mandatory on our boats & in our shop
  • Maximum of 4 clients allowed in the shop at once
  • Personal belongings can not be left in the shop

What to bring for a tour:

  • Sunhat, water to drink, comfortable clothing, sunglasses
  • Your own mask (kids under 6 years old are not obliged to use the mask)
  • Optional but recommended: hand disinfectant

Snorkelers are advised to additionally bring their own snorkelling equipment (mask & snorkel) and their own towel.

Travel information:

  • Persons travelling to Portugal will be required to fill out an epidemiological survey. The survey will be made available in several languages & can either be completed online 12 to 48 hours prior to departure or filled out upon arrival.
  • Visitors arriving on the island are required to undergo a Covid-test to prove that they are free of the coronavirus. Visitors can get themselves tested in certified laboratories within 72 hours of departure or be tested for free upon arrival at Madeira. We recommend doing the test before traveling but it was reported it doesn’t take too long to be tested (about 45min). Persons tested upon arrival in Madeira have to stay indoors until the test results become available, which normally is quite fast – within 12h you have your results. You will remain under surveillance during your stay with an app supplied by the assistants at the airport.
  • Upon arrival all passengers will be required to do a thermal screening at the airport.
  • If your test becomes positive, you will be directed to a designated hotel. You have to comply with the Government rules and stay in quarantine in these hotels until you test negative.

For further information regarding health & safety regulations for your travels to Madeira please visit: https://www.portaldiplomatico.mne.gov.pt/ or https://covid19.min-saude.pt/ or https://covidmadeira.pt

We will continue to provide all our followers with constant updates on our blog & our social media platforms. If you have any further questions contact us under: info@lobosonda.com 😊

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