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Christmas surprise – Lobosonda’s dictionary of gratitude!

Christmas surprise – Lobosonda’s dictionary of gratitude!

Christmas is a time of reflection which is why we would like to invite you to end this year in a joyful reminiscence. Beautiful memories are gifts for our hearts! All experiences are valuable; whether you achieved something you are proud of, enjoyed wonderful encounters with people or had a heart-warming sighting with cetaceans on one of our tours. Take a minute to remember and cherish these precious moments.

This year we had guests from all around the world admiring the wonderful cetacean species around Madeira and enjoying our tours with us. We hear “thank you” in so many different languages and would now like to take this opportunity to express our own gratitude. Thank you for accompanying us, for your appreciation, for your interest and the delightful moments you shared with us.

We would like to present our Lobosonda – Thank you – Dictionary. You can download it HERE as a post card and  as a wallpaper.

Have fun!

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