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Madeira is a vacation destination for our guests. But Madeira is also home for the ones who live here! For the Cory’s Shearwater’s, Madeira is their nursery ground. Spring is time for them to return to Madeira. They make themselves homely in the cliffs. Whereas the season they have only one egg and both parents are involved to hatch their egg for around 55 days. When the squab is fully fledged they all leave Madeira. The couples spend their life time together, Hollywood on the Ocean!
April 14th is Day of the dolphin in the USA but luckily here off the coast of Madeira, with all this beautiful encounters with these small marine mammals, we have dolphin day almost everyday. World Earth Day is on 22nd and is for sure a reminder how happy we can be to able to live on such a beautiful planet. But it implies also the important responsibility to keep our ecological food print as small as possible.

von Fatima Kutzschbach

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