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A Christmas Story in Madeira

A Christmas Story in Madeira

In our marina we not only have fishes in the water but as well some cats and dogs. A few days before Christmas a fairy tale happened, a young and foreign dog arrived in the marina. He had a wound on his side,  needed help and wanted to make friends. Since I had to go to the vet clinic on this day to pick up my cat, I wanted to use the chance and ask there how to help the dog. But when the vet saw the photo of the wounded dog she informed me that the dog was already in the clinic. I couldn’t believe it but the animal was already on the table with a cleaned wound.

On Monday December 18th we had a Christmas angel on board called Sabine but wonder actually happened on land as she saw the dog and took action. Sabine contacted ANIMA Hilfe für Tiere e.V., which were willing to help and the young couple took the dog to the vet clinic in Funchal, where the dog was treated immediately. What a wonderful act of humanity! What a Christmas angel!!! Dear Sabine, thank you so much for your big heart!! Thank you ANIMA for the amazing support!


By Fatima Kutzschbach

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