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Stenella coeruleoalba

Heute, bei strahlendem Sonnenschein, klarer Sicht, aber hoher Dünung, sahen wir morgens wieder Streifendelfine und gemeine Delfine und nachmittags “nur” gemeine Delfine, aber auch 2 falsche Karettschildkröten (Caretta caretta). Einige wenige sahen heute morgen auch noch den kleinen fliegenden Fisch und nachmittags, hoch oben in der Luft, flog dieser Basstölpel vorbei.

Delphinus delphis (16:37)

Today, with blue sky and sunshine all day long, we saw in the morning again striped dolphins and common dolphins and in the afternoon we “only” spotted common dolphins, but as well 2 Loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta). Some of us on the morning trips saw as well a small flying fish and in the afternoon, high in the sky, there was these Northern Gannet.

Stenella coeruleoalba

Hoje, com céu azul e muito sol durante todo dia, observamos de manha novamente golfinhos riscados e golfinhos comuns e a tarde “só” vimos golfinhos comuns, mas também 2 tartarugas bobas (Caretta caretta). Alguns na parte de manha viram também um peixe voador bastante pequeno e a tarde havia esse ganso-patola no seu voo encima da gente.

Delphinus delphis / Calonectris diomedia borealis (16:32)

Stenella coeruleoalba

Morus bassanus

Delphinus delphis (11:45)

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