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2013-08-06 (5)

Physeter macrocephalus

Es gab wieder viele glückliche Gäste an Bord unserer beiden Boote, mehrere Schulen von Tümmlern, dann aber auch Pottwale (die Stenella beobachtete ausgiebig und ganz nah eine Pottwalmutter und ihr kleines Kalb) und spät am Nachmittag gab es zusätzlich noch Fleckendelfne. Tolles Bild São, parabens!!! 😉

Today we had happy guest on board our two boats, manny bottelnose dolphins, with Stenella we saw sperm whales and in the late afternoon we saw spotted dolphins. Nice picture São, congratulations! 😉

Hoje tivemops muitos clientes satisfeitos a bordo dos nossos barcos, vimos várias vezes roazes, com o Stenella chegamos a ver cachalotes (mãe e cria) e ao fim da tarde ainda vimos golfinhos pintados. Bela foto São, parabéns! 😉

2013-08-06 (8)

2013-08-06 (9)

2013-08-06 (7)

2013-08-06 (11)

2013-08-06 (10)

Stenella frontalis

2013-08-06 (3)

2013-08-06 (5)

2013-08-06 (6)

2013-08-06 (4)

Physeter macrocephalus

2013-08-06 (1)

2013-08-06 (2)


Tursiops truncatus

2013-08-06 (12)

Homo sapiens

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    August 7, 2013

    LOVE IT 😉


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