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Fotos des Tages, wo wir leider nur auf der Nachmittagsausfahrt erfolgreich waren, Es gab Tuemmler, Fleckendelfine, Schildkroeten, portugisische Galeeren und einen Hammerhai.

The pictures from today, unfortunatly we only where sucessful in the afternoon, we saw bottelnose dolphins, spotted dolphins, sea turtels, portuguese man of war and a hammerhead shark.

Aqui estao as fotos do dia, mas infelizmente não tivemos sucesso na viagem da manhã. A tarde vimos roazes, golfinhos pintados, tartarugas, caravelas portuguesas e um tubarão martelo.

2013-07-06 (1)Caretta caretta

2013-07-06 (2)Stenella frontalis

2013-07-06 (3)Stenella frontalis

2013-07-06 (4)Tursiops truncatus

2013-07-06 (5)Tursiops truncatus

2013-07-06 (6)Tursiops truncatus

2013-07-06 (7)Physalia physalis

2013-07-06Caretta caretta

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