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Balaenoptera edeni

Gestern hatten wir keine Fahrten, heute dann morgens eine gemeinsame Fahrt mit beiden Booten (Stenella und Ribeira Brava). Gesehen wurde ein Brydewal und ein paar Tümmler, letztere nur von der Ribeira Brava aus. Die Schule war zu klein als das wir sie mit 2 Booten belasten wollten.

Tursiops truncatus

Yesterday we had no trips and today we went out in the morning with both boats (Stenella and Ribeira Brava) together. Both saw this bryde’s whale and the Ribeira Brava had some bottlenose dolphins as well, but this pod was very small and we didn’t want to bother them with two boats.

Balaenoptera edeni

Ontem não houve viagens e hoje saímos com os dois barcos (Stenella e Ribeira Brava) juntos. Ambos vimos esta baleia tropical bem perto da costa e o Ribeira Brava ainda teve com uns roazes, mas o grupo era pequeno e não quriamos encomodar com uma segunda embarcação.

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