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31.07.2016 – Marine wildlife care

31.07.2016 –  Marine wildlife care

Last week, during one of our Stenella trips, we located a sea turtle that was very inactive and still at the surface. We always keep a respectful distance to animals and never touch them, unless the animals are wounded, entangled, or are demonstrating an abnormal behaviour. At first, we observed the reptile floating next to the boat, but because of its abnormal behaviour, we decided to get a closer look. We got in contact with our local turtle expert Herr Prof. Thomas Dellinger, and started taking observations and measurements. Luckily, the turtle had a healthy weight, but it was very inactive and missing the front left flipper. Unfortunately, there was no place in the turtle care centre for our new friend. So, after making observations and taking pictures for further study, we released the turtle back into the ocean, where it immediately swam away. Sea turtles are very resistant creatures and sometimes can recover after injury or even after missing a flipper. We at Lobosonda hope – together with our guests – that that is also the case for this particular turtle, and that he or she will return to good health in no time.

On the dolphin front, we had a good day today: sunny and lots of Bottlenoses. Normally the bottlenose dolphins calmly pass past our boat. Today, they were very active, hunting, splashing and even chasing each other. Always great to see a different side of these animals.

by Judith Kok and Daniel Jardim

Todays sightings:

Ribeira Brava:

09.00: Bottlenose Dolphins

17.00: Bottlenose Dolphins, Atlantic Spotted Dolphins


09.00: Bottlenose Dolphins

12.00: Bottlenose Dolphins


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