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30th Conference of the European Cetacean Society in Madeira.

30th Conference of the European Cetacean Society in Madeira.

The theme of the conference is Into the Deep: Research and Conservation on Oceanic Marine Mammals

The European Cetacean Society (ECS) was established in 1987 and aims to promote and advance the scientific studies and conservation efforts of marine mammals and to gather and disseminate information about cetaceans to members of the Society and the public at large. The conference is hold annual and this time we are very happy to have it in Madeira. For us, this international meeting of scientists, students and other related persons, is a big chance to exchange information about oceanic marine mammals from first hand. We are also interested in getting more involved and connected to other platforms and companies, working with marine mammals.

Today, three of us participated in different workshops and we got a hell lot of interesting new information in our heads. We will continue again tomorrow with more workshops.

From monday to thursday there are many lectures, discussions, a videonight is going on and other interesting opportunities to learn. The scientists also present their projects with poster walls. Lobosonda will be there during these days with a own info-desk and we also show our statistics of sightings from the last 4 years. Besides this, we show some of our best underwaterfilming and will present sounds of different marine mammals.

Right from the very beginning of Lobosondas activities at sea, our boss considered it as important to document carefully every sighting by photographs and paperforms. Later we evaluated this treasures and shared our data with scientists. In this way we make sure that we contribute to a better understanding and hopefully protection of marine mammals.

For more info about the Conference click here!

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